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LAY-A-WAY Details

American Vintage Classics now offers an installment payment or "Lay-A-Way plan" - we ask for 1/3 down payment and another 1/3 in 10 days and final payment in another 10 days.

For example: If the total price is $150 - you make a $50 payment and then you can take 3 weeks to pay off the balance with $50 payments every 10 days......Of course, you can pay it off sooner and complete the purchase at your convenience if you choose to do so. I can be flexible with this on higher cost orders - just contact me and I'll work with you.

*You must use Paypal for Lay-A-Way

**To use the Lay-A-Way - the minimum order must be at least $50 (not counting shipping)

If you want to use the plan - just mention it when filling out the order form or email directly.